Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Saturday & Sunday

By Michael Nambafu

The Theme message of the World Gathering of Young Friends held at the Kanamai beach resort was “I am the vine and you are the branches”. The task of exploring the text has been on Dr Mombo, Pastor Moses Murenga, Ntahuba and Pastor Wamboka.

Quoting from the book of John (chapter 15) all delivered a captivating, challenging and inspirational message to the participants.

Commencing with a brain storming session the speakers engaged attendants in participatory methods on the issue of who is a real Quaker and disciple.

Various answers were given from the participants but the speakers urged the participants in the gathering that though they are divided in views, they are united in striving to achieve the will of God.

They urged the participants to give Jesus control of their life as He wants them to confess their sins and follow him, as this will make them grow into strong, faithful disciples.

“A new born baby desires the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby”, said Ntahuba. “We have been given the means of spiritual nourishment for the true disciple, through God’s Word, the Bible, as one should read and memorise, practise and hear it taught and preached.”

Mombo used the example of breathing to symbolise prayer, as one should spend time talking to God about his needs, problems and his family and tell God how much he loves him.

She also elaborated on spiritual resting as worship, meaning physical and spiritual renewal.

Pastor Murenga stressed that Jesus wants his followers to experience victory over sin in their daily lives as the Bible says that whosoever is born of God overcometh the world.

Christian life is difficult, but victory is assured because “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world”, said Murenga.

Dr Mombo said that a true disciple follows what Jesus commands him or her to do and “abiding in the vine” calls for obedience to what He has taught.

She further said that a disciple can only abide by God’s Word by reading the Bible, praying, singing and abiding by His testimony, for it will strengthen one’s faith in God.

Ntahuba elaborated that Jesus is the rock on which Christianity faith is built on and He symbolizes peace and prosperity amongst the Christian faith.

At night there was a cultural night where different Yearly Meetings presented their cultures’ diversity, which was captivating, as most participants joined other cultures in dance and songs.

Arguably, the most captivating song was from T.S. Phori of Central and Southern Africa Yearly Meeting who presented a Zulu song which made other participants wild as they joined him in the dance and praise.

Other groups that grabbed the attention of the audience was the Burundi and Rwanda group led by Beraino which really made other participants focus on what had happened in these two countries where innocent people were killed.

It really pulled my heart as I recalled what happened in Rwanda in 1994 but I thank God that peace has prevailed. “I will continue praying that God gives them courage and wisdom to live in peace”, said Shikuku.

Most participants were very happy at the end of the performance as they said that it really taught them about different cultural diversity and reminded them of the need for the preservation of their culture.

After Sunday worship the participants set out for trips within the vicinity of Mombasa. The first stopover was at the animal orphanage farm, where they were amused to see a hippo staying together as a mother and child with a tortoise .

“I haven’t seen such supernatural phenomenon as this the work of God. It has never happened before”, said Maryanne Nafula.

The participants were able to see different species of animals like buffalo, monkeys, and giraffes. Some took pictures to take back to their respective Yearly Meetings.

They proceeded to Fort Jesus and then to the Likono ferry where each participant was longing to board the ferry.

“It was my first time to board the ferry and I feel glad and proud. I give my thanks to the World Gathering committee for organizing the conference here in Mombasa”, said Wafubwa.

The exciting moment came when they landed at the Kenyatta public beach where participants took the centre stage by involving themselves in many activities like camel riding, swimming in the ocean and meeting with other Kenyans, who were at the beach enjoying the day after attending their respective Sunday services.

“The trips were captivating, educational, entertaining and a good way to interact with each other. We really enjoyed it and I am very glad and give thanks to the organizing committee”, said Maureen Obede.

After the trip there was entertainment by gospel singer Imanuel Machichi with his inspiring gospel songs and dance troupe. This aroused the participants’ faith as the songs were really educational. Even those who did not understand the meaning of the songs that were being sung in Kiswahili, really enjoyed the tunes and the way those who did understand the songs were dancing.

Participants longed for more songs from the singer even after the programme was over as he was forced to repeat the songs three more times to satisfy them.

“The songs were so inspiring and really motivated me as it made me have hope and strengthened my faith”, said Amina Adan.


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