Thursday, October 20, 2005

I have safetly arrived in Kenya along with everyone else. I took a 9 hour bus ride from Nirobi to Mombassa yesterday with 13 other Friends including ben, the climate went from plesent to hot and humid. I saw a great deal of the eastern part of this country, dry poor farms, chickens, goats, small children, unemployment, the poverty was intesnse! Palm trees with coconuts sprouted up closer to the coast, and the houses went from mud and straw to coral and stone. Oh my, so much to say. The food is different, the showers cold, the way of life here is much much different.

Yet extremly liberating! To speak with Eden Grace about living here, and to compare cultures with the Africans I can only start to express the amazingness of this place.

And i don't even get to see where the majority of the Kenyans live, in western kenya, where there are hippos and every inch of ground is used for agriculture.

So what have i been up to? First night in Kenya, ws spent at the JC house, Robin and Christine are amazing people, some of the founders of the Jesus Christian commuity, and totally inspriational to see live out their faith. Then the bus ride, and then much needed sleep. This morning we all met for a planning meeting, and theother 60+ people arrive tonight. I stepped out wiht Moses, Mary and Eden to use the internet and buy some shampoo.

This is the last time till the end of the conferen I will likely be able to access email. Please know that i and all of the internationals are safe and happy. There is much to tell and share when we return.

Keep checking this blog, because with the help of Robin and Jeff Hipp, we will try to post things throughout the conference from a mobile phone!

all of our love


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