Sunday, October 16, 2005

Almost Upon Us

As many of you are aware, the time for the WGYF in Africa is upon us! In less than a week, we will convene in Mombasa.
Please pray for the conference and all of us from the 20th to the 24th. May we continue what we began in Lancaster!

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!

People from the WGYF attending the African gathering, after the Spanish version:


Queridos Amigos--

Probablamente lo sabeis, pero estamos muy cerca del tiempo para el WGYF en Africa. En menos de una semana, vamos a convocar en Mombasa.

Por favor, ruegue para la conferencia y para todos nosotros del el 20 al 24 de octubre. Espero que podemos continuar lo que hemos comenzado en Lancaster!

Gente del WGYF que van a atender a la reunion en Africa:

Grace (Australia YM, Asia & Australia)

Jason Tres Reyes (Philippines YM, Asia & Australia)

Luis Carlos Rodriguez (Guatamala Embajadores Amigos, America central y del sur)

Raul Perez Chacon (El Salvador YM, America central y del sur)

Ruadhan Barry (Ireland YM, Europe)

Emily Ross (Britain YM, Europe)

Holly Baldwin (New England YM, North America)

Mark Sailor (Intermountain YM, North America)

Jesse Ayuya Afanda (Bware YM)

Alaisdair Knox (Central & Southern Africa YM)

Maeileseli Lekalake (Central & Southern Africa YM)

Mbete Nokuthula (Central & Southern Africa YM)

T Phori (Central & Southern Africa YM)

Everlyne Muronji Kataka (East Africa YM North)

Eric Lijodi Lung'aho (Kakamega YM)

Eric Steele Maina (Nairobi YM)

Christina Sabwa (Nairobi YM)

John Fitzgerald (Ireland & Britain YM, European Based Committee)

Rachel Stacy (Baltimore YM, North American Based Committee)

Ben Guaraldi (New England YM, Pastoral Care Team)


At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Wong Online PoK√©r Hu said...

Good luck on your conference. I hope the discussions you have will bring about positive and productive results.


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