Thursday, October 27, 2005

Post-Gathering Travels

Dear Friends,

Many of the international delegation have arrived in Kisumu, in the Western part of Kenya. After an adventurous 15 hour bus ride, we've had a restful stay at the Graces' (New England family working here with FUM.) We're heading out to visit local Quaker meetings, projects and families. Most Kenyan Quakers live in the western part of Kenya. We feel very blessed to have this opportunity to prolong our stay and continue learning and sharing.

We can say that the gathering was a success. It was an honor and privilege to be there. We were all challenged at times, and also rejoiced in praise and worship, song and dance.

I wish I could write more about the gathering experiences, but this blog is being hand written with a marker in a short amount of time. Friends will post their experiences soon when we arrive home.

With love from Kisumu,

on behalf of Mark, Grace, Raul, Ruadhan, Ben, Jason, Rachel, and new Friends Therese from Kinshasa Congo and Lomuria from Turkana Kenya.


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